4 Reasons to Sell Your Used Car

We know the freedom that comes with owning your own car, from being able to get to work to having independence where you live. You also make many memories with your car, so when it comes time to sell, we know how mixed you can feel about that experience.

But when you sell your car with California Motors Direct in Southern California, we are committed to giving you the best price for your used car. Is it time to sell your used car and upgrade to something different? Here’s four signs that it might be time to contact us and get cash for cars.

Rising Maintenance Costs

Watch for a rise in the cost of maintaining your used car. As your car’s mileage increases, certain parts on your vehicle can starto break, leading to costly repairs on top of your general car maintenance needs.

While it is common for newer cars to require little to no maintenance, older models can leave you needing frequent and expensive repairs. It can be frustrating to do repairs from time to time, so it might be time to sell your used car for a new one. In the long run, this can save you time and money!

End-of-Year Changes

Every new year comes with huge impacts on your car’s resale value. On top of that, the end of the year is a great time to buy a car as well! For this reason, if you’re already considering selling your car, take this as a sign to pull the plug before the end of the year. During the last quarter of the year, you’re more likely to get a good deal on selling your old car or buying a new car!

Moving Out of a City

Are you moving anytime soon? A big move, or a move from the city, marks the beginning of a new chapter. So why not start that journey with a new, reliable car and trade in your outdated, used car?

Fuel-Efficient Cars

Another reason you should sell your used car is to upgrade to a more fuel-efficient car. Car companies are constantly releasing models that are more and more fuel efficient, helping you save on gas while also making a positive impact on the environment. Take this as your final push to finally upgrade your old model!

When it comes to used cars, California Motors Direct is here to offer you a fair offer for your used car, along with the lowest prices in Southern California. If you find yourself thinking to yourself “should I sell my car?”, take this as your sign to visit us!

No matter your location, you can reach out to us and place your order today and get cash for cars!

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